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Fees & Availibility

Fees for psychotherapy: 

Individual therapy, couples therapy, or family therapy:


$195 for 50 minutes


Fees for psychological assessment: 

       $210 per hour (inclusive of testing, interviews, and report



I currently do not accept insurance, but can provide a receipt for you if your insurance policy reimburses for out-of-network providers.  For example, some insurance policies have a specified amount they will cover for psychotherapy (e.g., $100-$125 per session), and with out-of-network providers they may cover a portion of their approved fee (e.g., 50-80%). So, if your insurance company’s approved rate for psychotherapy is $100/session and they cover 80% for out-of-network providers, they would reimburse you for $80 for each session. Each insurance company has their own rules and coverage amounts, and these often vary by the plan you have with that insurance company as well. You may have to call your insurance company to ask what they would cover. I can provide billing statements if you wish to seek reimbursement.


Currently, I only have very limited availability for in-person psychotherapy or assessment clients (i.e., Friday mornings and some Sunday afternoons).  I do also offer online psychotherapy services via zoom Monday-Friday.  You are also welcome to contact me to inquire about potential referrals to other qualified therapists in the area or about potential speaking engagements.

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