Dr. Wang teaches and speaks internationally on topics ranging from trauma/traumatic stress, secondary/vicarious trauma and trauma-informed care, the intersection of mental illness and faith, spiritual formation, formation and assessment within a seminary context, ministry burnout, dialectical behavior therapy, crisis intervention, and emotional regulation (along with several other topics). You are welcome to contact me to inquire about possible speaking engagements.

Dr. Wang was recently interviewed on Moody Radio, where he spoke on how we can effectively navigate grief from COVID-19.  You can listen to this radio program by clicking here: 

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Dr. Wang speaking on the mental health of religious leaders at the GC2 Summit, hosted by the Billy Graham Center (Wheaton, IL):

Dr. Wang giving a plenary address on the Gift of Presence in the 2019 Enlighten Mental Health Conference:

Dr. Wang on navigating perplexing life situations (such as COVID-19) from the perspective of faith

Dr. Wang on The Story of Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife (Genesis 39)